Love the 3 words, Khuyen! My favorite part of the piece is this "2022, I know even more deeply in my bones my answer. I am cared for and valued. I am contributing to the surrounding. I received so much love and support from the world, friends, and many strangers."

My 3 words to summarize last year would be: adventures, grounding, and loud :)

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I love your 3 words! Not everyone has both "Grounding" and "Loud" for the same year, and it seems from Ongrowing posts that you did have a grounding loud year of many adventures.

So glad I "discovered" you.

What's 3 words or phrases for your 2023? Mine is "Radiant Devotion." I will write more about that :D

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Love your phrase and can't wait to hear more about it! My words are: love, richness, and balance!

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