Hello Khuyen,

Long time no hear. It's nice to receive your Enzyme article to my mail box. I read it a few times and I would like to respond. You look happy in London. Happy for you! How's your life so far? Is PhD any challenging for you?

You have a deep wish for grace and joy beyond sufferings. Me too! A few years ago, I think that there would be a path that can bring me out of suffering (skipp me). Don't you think that it is inevitable? That you have to experience full measure of pain and suffering to be free from it. Joy is so little and brief. So I keep wishing that pain never finds me. I am a coward.

You write great poem. Nice!

I hope you would have great friends there, adapting well to London and find meanings in the everyday things. Sometimes it takes really really long for us to live up to our words. I don't know why. To understand the obvious words we speak everyday and to live them; so much time.

All the best. May you have joy and grace as you wish.

your friend,

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I'm glad to hear from you too! Thanks for writing.

" Sometimes it takes really really long for us to live up to our words."

Sometimes, yes. And it doesn't have to be that long. We can live up to your words now!

Receiving your wish, and wishing you even more :-)

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